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Covid 19

How will COVID-19 effect my orthodontic appointment?

As of 8th June 2020, Dental and Orthodontic practices will be reopening.

Whilst we are all happy to be getting back to work and reconnecting with our patients after this unprecedented break, in most cases, it will be quite different from before.
So, what changes can you expect when you visit your Orthodontist?

  • Appointment timings: To try and maintain social distancing and limit the number of people
    inside the practice, it is highly likely that you will be asked to arrive at the time of your appointment and not before, as it is unlikely that you will be able to enter the practice until the previous patient has left and cleaning has been completed.
  • Temperature check: You may have your temperature checked on your arrival at the practice as part of the practice’s COVID-19 policy. It will be recorded in your notes. In most practices, staff will be tested prior to starting each day too.
  • Appointment lengths: All appointments are likely to be longer to allow for changing of PPE (personal protective equipment) and thorough cleaning between patients.
  • Availability of appointments: As appointment lengths need to be increased, this means that fewer appointments will be available during the day. Please bear with your orthodontist whilst they navigate their way through these unusual times.
  • Chaperones: It is likely that you will be asked to attend your appointment by yourself to reduce the number of people within the practice. However, speak to your practice if you have specific requirements eg. young children, patients with special needs.
  • PPE: Expect your Orthodontist and nurse, and perhaps even the reception staff, to look different when you see them. It is likely that they will be wearing additional PPE, such as gowns and visors.
  • Hand sanitiser: You may be asked to use hand sanitiser when you enter the practice.
  • Practice waiting areas: In order to help efficient cleaning of the practice between patients, you will note that magazines, toys, and some chairs have been removed, so it might look somewhat sparse.
  • Limited procedures: Whilst practices are opening, many are providing limited procedures whilst they await further guidance from the government and appropriate PPE. As guidelines are updated, the treatment offered will expand.
  • Remote contact: You may be requested to conduct appointment bookings, medical history forms and payments over the phone or by e-mail rather than at reception.

Due to COVID-19 we are having to change the way that we work.
Thank you for your continued patience and support as, in these strange times, we all have a part to play in keeping everyone safe.

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