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oral_hygieneAll patients are required to maintain exemplary oral hygiene throughout their orthodontic treatment to minimise any adverse affects. Brushing must be undertaken twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste. Where fixed braces are in situ, care should be taken to ensure that teeth are brushed either side of the brackets, in other words, both next to the gum and at the tips of the teeth. Some patients prefer to keep a toothbrush handy to clean after every meal to remove any food particles which may become lodged in the brace.

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Interdental toothbrushes

Interdental toothbrushes are recommended for all patients with metal and ceramic fixed braces. These enable patients to clean underneath the wire and in between the brackets, which is particularly important as you will be unable to floss with the braces on.

Fluoride mouthwash

All children, adolescents and some adult patients will benefit from a fluoride mouthwash to reinforce oral hygiene. This is best used once a day, approximately half an hour after brushing the teeth in the evening. Having rinsed out with the mouthwash, nothing but water should be taken before going to bed.


It is important to watch what you eat during orthodontic treatment. Those patients being treated with removable aligners and appliances are often able to remove them to eat and therefore are less restricted than those undergoing fixed brace therapy.
Patients must keep sugary foods and drinks, including fizzy drinks to a minimum in order to reduce the risk of decay and decalcification which will result in permanent scars on the teeth.

Sticky and hard foods, such as chewing gum, toffees and crusty bread, should also be avoided to help avoid breakages of the braces. The more the braces breaks, the longer treatment will take!

Also, patients should avoid biting into hard foods such as apples, and cut foods into smaller pieces than they normally would to keep the braces intact.

AS aged 16

"I am very grateful for the work of Dr Qureshi. She provided me the care that I needed and now I have a smile that I am confident with. Every step of my treatment was clearly explained which meant that I felt completely comfortable putting my teeth into her hands."

AS aged 16

" From the first to the last appointment Dr Qureshi provided the highest standard of care.  She took time to listen to my daughters' needs and skilfully a significant overcrowding problem.  My daughter now has a beautiful smile she can be proud of and this is all thanks to Dr Qureshi.

I would not hesitate in recommending her".

Happy Mum

"Would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Saba Qureshi.  She had a professional, caring and gentle manner throughout my treatment.

Super happy with my smile!"

Aged 29
NC aged 29

" Dr Qureshi is an excellent orthodontist.  She finished my treatment my orthodontic treatment in just over a year and I am very pleased with the outcome.  She is thorough and professional, explaining each stage of treatment, and made me feel relaxed and comfortable each visit. I can't say enough good things about Dr Qureshi and would highly recommend her.

Thank you for my beautiful smile"

Aged 29

Saba provided me with care that was second to none. I was always at ease and welcomed by Saba. She has a wonderful way of explaining everything patiently and professionally.

Aged 39

Fantastic Experience being a patient at this practice. Dr Saba Qureshi and the staff are all lovely and always make me feel welcome.

Would highly recommend this place!!

"Thank you Saba for making my smile perfect"

Aged 16

"I got to choose colours to go on my braces as well, so every 6 weeks the colours would change. I want to thank Saba and her team for doing such a good job."

Aged 14
Saskia Bosch

Dr Saba Qureshi is the most professional and accomplished orthodontist I have ever come across.
It was important for me that my speech wouldn't be affected by having braces.

Saskia Bosch
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The History Channel

I am so happy with my straight teeth now, and cannot believe I didn't get them straightened sooner. I am smiling all of the time now, and my confidence has been boosted by 100%. I couldn’t ask for a better Orthodontist!

Thank you Dr Saba for my new smile!

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