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What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the field of dentistry concerned with the relationship between the teeth, face and jaws and the correction of both functional and cosmetic issues relating to these.

It can be of benefit in many cases, such as where crowding or spacing of the teeth exists or teeth are prominent, where teeth are absent or the jaws in the incorrect position.

At what age is treatment carried out?

Most patients are treated in their teenage years once all of the adult teeth are present. However, even patients as young as 7-8 years of age may benefit from earlier interceptive treatment to simplify treatment at a later stage.

It is never too late to have braces.  Provided that your teeth, gums and bone levels are healthy there is no upper age limit.

Will it hurt?

Some discomfort should be expected for a few days after the brace has been fitted, usually for about 3-5 days.

During this initial period patients may find a soft diet and protective orthodontic wax useful.  Also some patients may require painkillers.

How long will treatment take?

Treatment duration will vary depending on the difficulty of the case and patient co-operation.

For fixed braces this is generally in the region of 12-24 months, provided breakages are kept to a minimum, and for functional appliances 9-12 months.

How often will I need to be seen?

Regular attendance every 6-8 weeks is particularly important in ensuring treatment runs smoothly when fixed or removable braces are being worn.  Appointment intervals are longer if you are being treated with a clear removable brace and can be upto 4-5 months.

How do I care for my braces and teeth during treatment?

Good oral hygiene is extremely important throughout treatment in order damage such as tooth decay and decalcification and gum disease.

All patients must brush twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste and interdental toothbrushes should be used to aid cleaning of fixed braces around the brackets and underneath the wire.  A fluoride mouthwash is also recommended for most patients.

Removable braces are kept clean by brushing them with a toothbrush and toothpaste.
In order to minimize breakages of appliances, which extends the duration of treatment, hard or sticky food should be avoided and sugary foods and drinks should be kept to a minimum.

What happens if my brace breaks?

When wearing a fixed brace the brackets may sometimes become loose.  This generally does not cause any discomfort and can be dealt with at the next appointment.  Should the break result in any pain, you should contact the practice for an earlier appointment.  Orthodontic wax may be of help in the mean time.

If a removable or functional appliance breaks, make an appointment to ensure that the appliance is safe to wear, and keep it out of the mouth until then.

What happens when the brace is removed?

Once orthodontic treatment has been completed, you will be required to wear retainers.  These may be fixed to the teeth or removable and are designed to keep your teeth straight.  They should be worn fulltime for 3 months, then night times only on a long-term basis.

What will happen at my first visit?

At the initial consultation you will have an opportunity to express your concerns about your teeth and what goals you hope to achieve through orthodontic treatment.

Then, following an examination, a discussion regarding the most appropriate treatment options to address your needs will take place, with an aim to clarify any queries you may have.

How much will braces cost?

The price for orthodontic treatment will depend on both the complexity of the case and the type of brace used.

For more information see Treatment Options

How soon can I start treatment?

Once you have decided that you would like to proceed with treatment, an appointment will be arranged to obtain complete records and discuss, in depth, the benefits and risks of treatment, as well as the care of your braces throughout treatment.

The braces can then be fitted at the next appointment, which may be as little as 4-6 weeks from the initial consultation.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a series of clear removable aligners custom-made for your mouth.
Each aligner is worn for 2-3 weeks, ideally for approximately 20 hours a day.
They are kept clean by brushing them with a clean toothbrush and washing-up detergent.

What is lingual orthodontics?

Traditional braces are placed on the front surface of teeth and are visible.
Lingual braces, however, are completely invisible as they are fixed to the inside surfaces of the teeth.

They work in much the same way as traditional fixed appliances, a combination of brackets and wires to straighten teeth, and will require regular adjustments.

What is the i-Tero scanner and how will it benefit me?

The i-Tero is an intra-oral digital scanner that takes highly detailed, enhanced images of your teeth. The scans are reliable and can be used with the Invisalign Outcome Simulator.

What that means for you is that, firstly, there is no more need for messy impressions; you can breathe and swallow as normal whilst the scan is being taken.

Secondly, you can visualize what your new straightened teeth would look like, right there and then, side by side with your current alignment.

Finally, as and when you decide to proceed with treatment, it can be started sooner as you no longer have to wait for the posting and processing of impressions.

What is Dental Monitoring and how will it benefit me?

Dental Monitoring is a revolutionary app that enables you to take photos of your teeth on your smartphone, using a portable DM Scanbox, and send them through to your orthodontist to keep track of your treatment remotely. It can be used for patients with Invisalign or fixed braces.

This avoids unnecessary additional appointments and allows your orthodontist to spot any problems eg. poor oral hygiene, broken brackets or missing attachments, keeping your treatment on track.

The app also provides a platform from which you can directly message your orthodontist should you have any questions regarding the progression of treatment.

In essence, all the benefits of specialist orthodontic treatment with the same great results designed to fit in with your lifestyle, and the best part about the Dental Monitoring app is that you can use it literally anywhere!

Speak to SabaSpeak to Saba

“I had an orthodontic treatment that lasted 2 years and the result was just perfect.
All the staff members there was really friendly and professional , from the receptionist to the orthodontist, thank you Saba”

SB aged 31

“Saba is fantastic!

My teeth had gradually moved over the last 45 years to the point that my bottom teeth where lined up like dominos.

Saba has straightened my teeth over several months using braces and I now have a perfect smile. 🙂

I can not recommend enough. I have a general fear of dentists so tend to avoid going.
Saba has been professional, kept me fully informed during the process outlining what she stage I was at and what to expect in advance.

A great team”

RE aged 43

“Just had my braces off and I can’t stop smiling!! I had wanted to get a brace as an adult for years as my front teeth were crossed and all my teeth too close together. Not only did I just hate smiling but my teeth would bleed as I couldn’t clean them properly. Now I have perfectly straight teeth and they don’t bleed anymore.

Saba was fantastic. Professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Keeping me informed though out the process. My braces never broke as my friends did from another practice. V the dental nurse is absolutely lovely and made sure I was looked after.

Thank you both for my amazing smile!”

AM aged 31

“I would highly recommend Northwood Orthodontics for anyone needing orthodontic treatment. Saba is always friendly and has provided me with great advice and orthodontic care over the past few years. I was reluctant get a fixed brace on my top teeth, so Saba advised that I could go for a lingual brace instead which is fantastic – you can’t even tell that I have braces at all!”

VS aged 32

“I had been concerned about one of my upper front teeth for some time as it seemed to be moving out of alignment and starting to protrude. I have my regular check-ups at Dental Design Studio and my dentist suggested that I see Saba. She explained the various options & recommended that I have both my upper and lower teeth straightened. I chose to have lingual braces as I didn’t like the idea of visible braces (being a lady in my 50s). Throughout my treatment Saba was incredibly professional, supportive, reassuring and friendly. The braces were taken out after 9 months and I was, and still am, delighted with the result – lovely straight teeth. I would highly recommend Saba to anyone considering Orthodontic work.”

RB aged 53

“We are delighted with the orthodontic treatment our son has received from Saba. She has demonstrated a very patience and professional approach at each appointment. Throughout the treatment, Saba has been very helpful and explained each stage clearly. Saba has ensured that the treatment is tailored to our son’s particular needs and has taken the time to ensure that his brace is working in an efficient manner. We are so pleased with Saba’s work that another member of our family is planning to start treatment with her in the near future.” 

Happy mum

“Dr Qureshi is an exceptionally talented orthodontist. I had put off sorting out my crooked teeth for many many years and as an adult patient, Dr Qureshi’s care and attention as been outstanding! I wish I had come to her years ago! Her bedside manner is brilliant and she makes you feel very much at ease. Together with her being so super efficient, the fourteen month of wearing braces just flew by!
I can’t thank her enough! I look forward to doing a lot more smiling than I ever did!”

LW aged 38

“Saba has looked after both my daughters’ orthodontic treatment and I highly recommend her! She explains the treatment options so clearly, provides a comprehensive treatment plan and with her kind, professional manner ensures appointments are hassle-free. Contact Saba if you are thinking about orthodontic treatment – you couldn’t be in better hands. Thanks Saba for providing the smiles!”

Happy mum of two teens

“I would highly recommend Dr Qureshi. She dedicated time to ensure I was fully informed of the treatment process at each stage. I’d had significant orthodontic treatment prior to seeing Dr Qureshi and fully trusted in her professionalism and expertise.”

NP aged 33

“I fitted my braces on back in my home country Georgia and a few months later moved to the UK. I was searching for a very long time for a professional orthodontist and clinic whom I could trust. I’ve called almost 70 places in London but all of them were offering debonding the existing braces and to fit the new ones on and only in this case they could accept me.
One day I found Dr Saba on Instagram and asked about my case and if she could accept me. And Luckily I found her, a real professional doctor with brilliant experience and knowledge. She and her team are very helpful with any details or questions you might have. The Dental Design Studio is a place where you can feel comfortable and safe and that your health is in reliable people’s hands.
Dr Saba is a very good communicator, organized and very empathetic. She makes you feel cared for as a patient. I couldn’t wish to find a better place. Also want to mention that the prices there are very affordable compared to the prices in London in general. I would highly recommend Dr Saba and her team.
I am sure if anyone decides to go there will be as satisfied with the result as I am.
At first glance braces, the journey might look scary and painful but with Dr Saba and her team, you will enjoy the whole process.”

MD aged 29

“I couldn’t recommend Northwood Orthodontics enough! Had a great experience with my Invisalign treatment and Dr Quershi was amazing. She took great care of my teeth and was always available whenever I had any queries. I am very satisfied with the outcome and I love the way my smile looks like now!”

AJ aged 18

“My 7 year old daughter has sucked her fingers since birth. We were advised it was seriously effecting her jaw and her teeth and also effecting her concentration and learning as she zoned out when sucking. We had tried everything, encouragement, rewards, thumsies, bad tasting solutions on her fingers, plasters on her fingers, nothing worked. We researched braces to stop children sucking and although it seemed quite a drastic solution we didn’t know what else to do. We saw Northwood Orthodontics offered these. Right from the start Dr Qureshi was friendly, professional and put my daughter at ease! She explained the process really clearly and was patient and gentle. The process to be measured for the braces was simple and painless. I was worried my daughter would find it distressing and uncomfortable but she was completely fine. The fitting was straightforward. My daughter stopped sucking immediately and did not find eating or speaking or anything difficult. She has now completely stopped sucking and her concentration has greatly improved. I cannot Northwood Orthodontics enough!! The staff are all absolutely lovely and the service is outstanding.”

Happy mum of LB aged 7

“Recently had the pleasure of having my braces done by Dr Saba. It was an emotional journey as I also suffered with a bad bite and had developed a lump in my head due to the way my teeth were sitting.
I researched a lot of orthodontists and came across Dr Saba and I am so pleased I did.
After 15 months my teeth are all straight and my lump has disappeared.
The whole process was painless and working with Dr Saba was a joy. She explained everything along the way and put me at ease. I would highly recommend to anyone.
I have now booked my 13 year old son in for his and would not even consider going anywhere else.
Thank you for everything Dr Saba”

EN aged 37

“Dr Saba is my chosen Orthodontist for both my kids. With one just finished and one still undergoing treatment, I have found her to be professional yet friendly, and relates my teens really well. She is efficient and available, which was so appreciated – especially over the last year while my son was going through his final year of GCSEs. I would not hesitate to use Saba for my own treatment and would definitely recommend her services!”

Happy mum of two teens
AS aged 16

“I am very grateful for the work of Dr Qureshi. She provided me the care that I needed and now I have a smile that I am confident with. Every step of my treatment was clearly explained which meant that I felt completely comfortable putting my teeth into her hands.”

AS aged 16

” From the first to the last appointment Dr Qureshi provided the highest standard of care.  She took time to listen to my daughters’ needs and skilfully a significant overcrowding problem.  My daughter now has a beautiful smile she can be proud of and this is all thanks to Dr Qureshi.

I would not hesitate in recommending her”.

Happy Mum

“Would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Saba Qureshi.  She had a professional, caring and gentle manner throughout my treatment.

Super happy with my smile!”

Aged 29
NC aged 29

” Dr Qureshi is an excellent orthodontist.  She finished my treatment my orthodontic treatment in just over a year and I am very pleased with the outcome.  She is thorough and professional, explaining each stage of treatment, and made me feel relaxed and comfortable each visit. I can’t say enough good things about Dr Qureshi and would highly recommend her.

Thank you for my beautiful smile”

Aged 29

Saba provided me with care that was second to none. I was always at ease and welcomed by Saba. She has a wonderful way of explaining everything patiently and professionally.

Aged 39

Fantastic Experience being a patient at this practice. Dr Saba Qureshi and the staff are all lovely and always make me feel welcome.

Would highly recommend this place!!

“Thank you Saba for making my smile perfect”

Aged 16

“I got to choose colours to go on my braces as well, so every 6 weeks the colours would change. I want to thank Saba and her team for doing such a good job.”

Aged 14
Saskia Bosch

Dr Saba Qureshi is the most professional and accomplished orthodontist I have ever come across.
It was important for me that my speech wouldn’t be affected by having braces.

Saskia Bosch
Dutch Voice Over
The History Channel

I am so happy with my straight teeth now, and cannot believe I didn’t get them straightened sooner. I am smiling all of the time now, and my confidence has been boosted by 100%. I couldn’t ask for a better Orthodontist!

Thank you Dr Saba for my new smile!

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