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“My 7 year old daughter has sucked her fingers since birth. We were advised it was seriously effecting her jaw and her teeth and also effecting her concentration and learning as she zoned out when sucking. We had tried everything, encouragement, rewards, thumsies, bad tasting solutions on her fingers, plasters on her fingers, nothing worked. We researched braces to stop children sucking and although it seemed quite a drastic solution we didn’t know what else to do. We saw Northwood Orthodontics offered these. Right from the start Dr Qureshi was friendly, professional and put my daughter at ease! She explained the process really clearly and was patient and gentle. The process to be measured for the braces was simple and painless. I was worried my daughter would find it distressing and uncomfortable but she was completely fine. The fitting was straightforward. My daughter stopped sucking immediately and did not find eating or speaking or anything difficult. She has now completely stopped sucking and her concentration has greatly improved. I cannot Northwood Orthodontics enough!! The staff are all absolutely lovely and the service is outstanding.”

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