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"It's time for you to get braces."


"It's time for you to get braces." When the dentist said that, my teeth were awful. One of my front canines was so far back, and I had a massive overbite. I hated my smile. The braces went on and I'm not gonna lie. They did hurt! However Saba told me how to keep them clean. For the first few days I had yogurt for breakfast and soup for lunch and dinner. When mum cooked something else I would have to chop everything into tiny pieces. I got used to them after a few weeks. I got to choose colours to go on my braces as well, so every 6 weeks the colours would change.


And finally it was time to take them off. I still lick my teeth to check if they are actually off.


I want to thank Saba and her team for doing such a good job.



aged 14



Dr Saba Qureshi is the most professional and accomplished orthodontist I have ever come across.
It was important for me that my speech wouldn't be affected by having braces. Saba took all my concerns on board and provided me with a clear step-by-step plan how my teeth could be straightened.
I had fixed braces and some clear ones, that I could take out during work. I'm very happy with the result and have no hesitation to recommend her to anyone who is thinking of having braces.
In addition, the Dental Design Studio where she practices is an excellent dental studio with the latest state of the art technology and a great team.
I think it's safe to say...that I actually don't mind going to the dentist!


Saskia Bosch
Dutch Voice Over
The History Channel

Thank you Dr Saba for my new smile! For many years I had debated whether or not to wear braces, my age was a factor, and I was terrified as to whether the discomfort and the expense would be worth it. I never liked to smile and hated looking in the mirror at the appearance of my crooked teeth. Finally I built up the courage to make an appointment with Dr Saba for a consultation.

From the moment I stepped foot into the surgery I felt very welcome and comfortable. Saba gave me many options, so I could choose whichever braces would suit me better. This made me feel more reassured. I decided to choose the Damon System due the fact that the treatment is faster and more comfortable, and with the full support from Dr Qureshi and the information she gave me, I was confident and happy to go ahead with the treatment.

I wore the braces for only one year which seemed to go by so quickly, and I had appointments every 2 months to readjust. The result is incredible! I am so happy with my straight teeth now, and cannot believe I didn't get them straightened sooner. I am smiling all of the time now, and my confidence has been boosted by 100%.

Saba did not only straighten my teeth but she has always been very friendly, supportive and understanding. I couldn’t ask for a better Orthodontist!

Thank you Dr Saba for my new smile!



"I have always been self-concious about my teeth, but as an adult, was hesitant to do anything about it.  Particularly as I didn't used to see many other men with braces.  I finally plucked up the courage to have a consultation just to see what could be done for me.  Saba was excellent! She explained the different options I had and was patient enough to answer all my weird and wonderful questions.  Now my teeth look great... definately worth the effort!"

JS aged 32


"I thought getting braces for my two teenagers would be an ordeal, however Saba has proved me wrong!  Her calm, gentle and enthusiatic manner has made it "almost" a pleasure to visit - and I haven't had to drag my kids there!  We have had a terrific service and my childrens' teeth look fantastic.  Thanks Saba!"

Mum of DG aged 14 and CG aged 13


"As an adult I thought that I had left it too late to have orthodontic treatment, but when I went to see Saba she made me realise that you're never too old to have braces.  She helped me decide on the best type of brace for me and made me feel really comfortable with my decision.  I am extremely happy with the results and wish I had done it years ago."

AR aged 44


Testimonials"Initially I was somewhat nervous and apprehensive about having braces but Saba patiently explained each stage of the process. Her skill and expertise have ensured that my teeth now look fantastic!"

HB aged 44


"When I turned 13 my dentist suggested that I see someone about having my teeth straightened.  At first I wasn't really sure if I wanted braces, but when I went to see Saba, she made me feel so relaxed and comfortable that I changed my mind.  I looked forward to my check-ups because I knew I would get to change my elastics, which came in loads of lovely colours.  Now all my friends are envious of my lovely straight teeth!"

NR aged 14


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