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7 ways that braces can improve your smile

According to the British Orthodontic Society 1 in 3 children in the UK could benefit from orthodontic treatment.  Add to this all the adult patients who did not have the benefit of braces when they were younger, and that’s an awful lot of crooked teeth!

Listed below are some of the most common ways in which braces can help give you the smile of your dreams!


  1. Relief of overcrowded teeth
  2. Crowding is the most common concern of patients seeking orthodontic treatment.  The teeth may be poorly aligned as a result of crowding, which gives an unsightly appearance.  Also crowding can cause problems with the bite.

  3. Broadening of the smile
  4. Many people find that when they smile only the front teeth are visible, and that the side teeth are less prominent, resulting in dark “corridors” running down the inside of their cheeks.  Julia Roberts is someone we all associate with a lovely broad, youthful smile.  The visibility of these side teeth to produce a broader smile can be significantly improved using braces.

  5. Closure of gaps

    Gaps in between teeth are like Marmite- you either love them or hate them!  Gaps arise as a result of small or missing teeth and can be corrected with braces.  Depending of the size of the gaps, these can either be closed completely or redistributed to facilitate future cosmetic procedures such as composite bonding or implants.

  6. Reduction in protrusion of teeth
  7. Some patients are concerned about the prominence of their upper front teeth.  As well as the obvious aesthetic issues associated with such an arrangement, it has been shown that individuals with protruding upper teeth are more likely to receive accidental damage to them.  In many instances, braces can be used to tuck the teeth in, to give a more harmonious smile.

  8. Overbite correction
  9. Many patients present with increased vertical overlap of the top and bottom front teeth, termed the “overbite”.  In some instances the overbite is so deep that the lower front teeth contact the roof of the mouth.  This can lead to damage of the gum and recession.  In severe cases, this can lead to excessive wear of the teeth.

  10. Crossbite correction
  11. This occurs when the upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth i.e. towards the tongue.  This can lead to problems with the bite and can cause deviations in the lower jaw position.  In addition to this, the tooth in crossbite can push the opposing tooth out of line, which may result in gum recession, and in severe cases, tooth mobility.

  12. To aid cosmetic/restorative dental procedures
  13. Sometimes braces can be used to place teeth in their ideal position to accept other dental procedures.  When implants or bridges are to be placed, it can be beneficial to straighten the teeth either side of the space to reduce the amount of tooth preparation required.  Likewise, correction of tooth alignment prior to whitening/veneers can improve the aesthetics of the final result.


So as you can see, there’s a lot that braces can do for you.  Why not call 01923 836334 today to book your consultation and take the first step towards a brighter smile!



10 reasons why Adults should have Orthodontic treatment


  1. Increased acceptability

There used to be a time when adult orthodontics was frowned upon and thought of as unnecessary. 
Thankfully that stigma has disappeared and more and more adults are rewarding themselves with the smile they deserve.

  1. Self-correction unlikely

Crooked teeth are very unlikely to become straighter over time by themselves. In fact it is more common that they become worse as chewing and biting forces, among other factors, continue to affect the teeth.

  1. Confidence boost

Most people considering orthodontics feel very self-conscious of crooked teeth, which prevent them from smiling.  Straight teeth provide a great boost to ones confidence and self-esteem.

  1. Improved dental health

In some case people find it difficult to clean adequately around crooked teeth and may also find that their bite is not correct.
Having braces to straighten teeth can vastly improve ease of cleaning and function, leading to better dental health.

  1. Ceramic braces

Traditional “train-track” metal braces remain popular to this day, but more so with children, who enjoy choosing different coloured elastics for them.  Most adults however, prefer something more discreet, such as ceramic braces.  Being tooth-coloured, they offer far better aesthetics.

  1. Invisalign

Not everyone feels that they can cope with fixed braces, no matter how discreet they are.
Invisalign is a great removable brace which enables the user some flexibility in its wear, as well as making it easier to keep teeth clean.  Where suitable this provides a welcome alternative to fixed brace options.

  1. Lingual braces

For more complex cases, fixed braces are necessary to correct tooth position.  In such instances a lingual brace may be considered.  Lingual braces are placed on the inside surface of the teeth, instead of the outside as is done when using traditional braces.

  1. Quick results

Each individual case needs to be assessed adequately by a Specialist Orthodontist, but with advances in brace technology, some people can achieve the smile of their dreams in a few short months.

  1. Better understanding of retention

Research into maintaining patients new tooth position has meant that the improvements to ones smile can now be long-term changes.
Good retainer wear and the use of fixed retainers, where appropriate, allow for lifelong enjoyment of your new smile!

  1. Technological advances

Advances in technology mean that there is a brace to suit every person’s needs, whatever they may be.
Brackets are smaller, wires more efficient and aesthetics better than ever before


So what’s stopping you?


Why not call our receptionist today on 01923 836334 to book your consultation with our Specialist Orthodontist.


Invest in your smile today!

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